My personnal home gym

I’ve thought a long time before buying equipments. I checked my main goal, my selection criteria and needs. The budget was not a problem for me. I wanted a home gym that doesn’t take too much space since I live in an apartment. I also wanted to be able to train my power with heavy weights.

My solution has been to buy 2 adjustable dumbbells (adjustable from 10lbs to 90lbs per incrementation of 5lbs), an incline bench, a door pull-ups, and an abs carpet.

  • The “Adjustable Dumbbells” doesn’t take space at all. Wow… and give me the possibility to develop my muscle mass and power at home :-)  I can train my whole body with just these 2 dumbbells.
  • The “Incline Bench” give me the possibility to a lot of exercises like (Bench Press / Incline Bench Press / Decline Bench Press / Military Press / Abs / Dumbbell Rows, Bench Dips, etc…) It also give me the possibility to buy a “PowerRack” with an “Olympic Barbell” if I get more space in the futur.
  • I’ve bought the “Dumbbell Stand” since I lift heavy weights to avoid injure to my back.
  • The “Door Pull-Ups Bar” take no space and is essential to work the back muscles properly with some Pull-Ups and Chin-Ups.
  • The “Abs Carpet” is a great addition since it take no space, it’s light and easy to store after the gym sceance.

There is my home gym :

1- Bowflex SelectTech 1090 Adjustable Dumbbell (Pair)     * Essential



2- Bowflex SelectTech Adjustable Bench Series 5.1     * Essential



3- Bowflex SelectTech Dumbbell Stand (2013)     (Not essential but great addition)



Final Result :



4- Iron Gym Pull Ups Bar – Extreme Edition     * Essential

pull ups bar 1


5- Abs Carpet     (Not essential but great addition)

abs carpet 1

What are the advantages of having a home gym ?

Saving time

One of the main interests from having a home gym is to save time. The first major point is that you will no longer have to travel by car to go to the gym and then come back to home. In addition, you will not have to change yourself in the locker room and lose time again. Finally, you will no longer need to wait after the others to do your exercises if you decide to train at home.

Saving money

A gym membership is expensive. When we have all the necessary equipments at home, we don’t need anymore to pay a subscription per month or per year (> $ 400) in a gym. It’s huge economy for the bank account. In addition, we are saving gasoline since we don’t have to take our car every day to go to the gym. On the long term plan, we realize that it can save us a lot of money if we are planning to train at home for the next years coming.

Listening to your favorite music

It’s very nice to be able to train with our favorite music. What better way than music to give us the motivation? On the other hand, the gym music is not necessarily always pleasant to listen according to our mood. What bring to the conclusion that at home, we can listen to our favorite music and change the style from day to day (relax, rock, hip hop, latin, club, etc.) according to how we feel. You have the ambiguous of choice !!!

Training at your ease

You wouldn’t need to worry anymore about how to train yourself at gym by fear to seem ridiculous to the others, or to worry about what the others will think of you. By having a home gym, you will begin to train yourself in the way you want and start to feel better. In addition, you will be able to remove some of your cloth items on you if you feel it’s too hot or you sweat (something that you cannot do in a gym ;p).

Start your home gym

Bonjour, si vous désirez commencer à vous entraîner  à la maison, vous êtes au bon endroit, puisque cet article a pour but de vous aider à débuter votre gym à domicile.

Étape #1 – Déterminez vos besoins

Il y a d’abord 3 critères importants à tenir compte avant de commencer son gym maison (L’objectif principal, Le budget, L’espace).

1. Quel est votre principal objectif à long terme

  • Gagner de la force / Prendre de la masse
  • Développer votre Endurance / Cardio
  •  Développer la force autant que l’endurance
  • Perdre du poids
  • Restez en forme

2. Déterminez votre budget

  • 50-250     $
  • 251-500   $
  • 501-750   $
  • 751-1000 $
  • 1001+       $

3. Determinez l’espace dont vous disposerez pour votre gym

  • Sous-sol
  • Petite chambre
  • Grande chambre
  • Salon
  • Garage

Étape #2 – Déterminez l’équipement à acheter selon vos besoins

  • Barbell vs Dumbbell
  • Incline Bench press vs Incline Bench
  • Power Rack
  • Door Pull-Ups Bar
  • Abs Carpet
  • Bicycle
  • Tapis Roulant
  • Machine éliptique